Step by step

We are committed to walking you through targeted solutions – step by step:

1. Get in touch

STAR IR helps you get to know the German investor community – and helps them get to know you.
STAR IR makes sure the right people get to know about you, your company, and your story – people who will spread the word.
STAR IR has long-term, personal relationships with more than 30 writers and research analysts.

2. Stay ahead

STAR IR is your German intelligence team – we know what is happening in the German Stock Market today as well as in your industry.
STAR IR is your local voice – we speak the same language as your new investors.
STAR IR is committed to proactive communication with your investors and the public.

3. Generate impact

STAR IR can help you create the demand you need.
STAR IR will help you achieve the best stock price possible.
STAR IR has a proven record of generating impact.

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